Sunday, January 30, 2011

Exterior Etc.

Someplace far away....View of the house from adjacent empty lot (for now).

Hauling away the latest round of debris. This extraordinary truck features one fantastic theft prevention device - the steering wheel is removable.

Northeast exterior looking up at "fake" chimney.

Powder room window

Interior View Updates

View from Living Room towards Kitchen

View from Kitchen

View from Kitchen looking towards Living Room


Master Bathroom Shower

Stairwell Ceiling

Exterior Views

The scaffolding is down! Here's the final coat of stucco. It's really not white white. It's "eggshell" white...

View looking up at soffit that overhangs the deck.

Kitchen door

North of the stair tower. Looking up towards master bath window.

Entry door

Looking north from entry deck

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finish Coats

Kitchen cabinets to date.

Winding down on the stucco job. The final coat is getting applied. This is the chimney stack at the north side of the house.

January 8 - Red Paint

New Year

Happy New Year!

Paint Job

Christmas Day

Close-Up at Dining Room Deck


New Flooring - White Oak at Entry

Glu-Lam Beam between Kitchen and Dining Room

Stucco Scratch Coat

Garage Foundation Block Work

Mason at work

Lower "Storage" Area and Future Studio


Paint for the siding finishes

James Turrell's Sculpture Garden Count at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco.